Light Projects

Light Projects was an experimental artistic and curatorial project coordinated by artists Leslie Eastman, Tamsin Green, Stephen Palmer, Brad Haylock and Imogen Beynon. Light Projects ran from 2009 until late 2011 . In addition a host of student volunteers, many now established artists, curators and artworksers, contributed their time and energy.

Light Projects maintained a thematic emphasis on the experience of mind and perception, psychoanalysis, visuality and design. These areas formed a shared  interest for the curators: the underlying contention of this project being that art concerns immediate phenomenological experience rather than finished saleable objects. For this reason much of the work exhibited involved installation, video and performance.  Light Projects was dedicated to showing local and international early career and established artists.

Light Projects was unique in its location and context. A shop front atop Ruckers Hill in High Street Northcote, the gallery was housed at the highest point in inner city Melbourne with large window frontage enabling constant viewing of the artwork. The building was shared with Lacanian psychoanalyst Dr. Patrick Johnson and other members of the Melbourne Freudian Society, who  provided generous in kind support towards the enterprise in its first six months.

This context provided a unique opportunity for exhibitiors to respond to both the curatorial premise and a range of audiences; bringing complex and rigorous contemporary art into the public realm. Despite Light Projects determined curatorial program, invited artists approached the themes and issues in diverse ways.  Artists and curators worked together within the immediate gaze of the public who were able to view projects from inception through to completion via the large window at the front of the gallery space. Light Projects had a writing project incorporated into the exhibition programme.  

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01 Influences
Ardi Gunawan Nikos Pantazis
18-25 September

02 Karaoke Theory
Andy Thomson
12-31 October

03 Near and Far
Thea Rechner, Devon Atkins
3-19 December

04 On Difference and Indifference
Brad Haylock
5-28 November

05 Light Projects Summer

Jess Hood, Tegan Lewis, Spephen Palmer,
Storm Gold & Julian Holcroft
4-30 January 2010

06 Meridian
Leslie Eastman
11-27 February

07 Affirmations
Alex Martinis-Roe
4 March
3 April 

08 Silent Nights Film Screenings
3-12 April

09 Access Restricted
Fiona Macdonald Therese Mastroiacova

18 April
8 May

10 Submarine
Kristina Tsoulis-Reay
14 May
16 June

11 Invisible Drawings
11 June
3 July

12 The Waste of Breath
Christian Capurro
9-10 July

13 I is Another
Jeremy Bakker
24 July
15 August

14 Mons Garden
Andy Thomson & Monique Redmond
20 August-
12 September 2010

15 Just what is it that makes today’s interiors so seductive, so alluring?

Brad Haylock, Elizabeth Newman, Spiros Panigirakis, Kerry Poliness.
18 September- 10 October

16 Contours of the Self
Michael Needham
15 October-
7 November

17 Islands Of Swarm
Kai Schiemenz
20-28 November

18 Midday Attunement
Midday Attunement
3 December-
19 November

19 Beeswax Project
Midday Attunement
7-16 January

20 In terms of discovering light
Brooks Shanti Fenner
21-30 January

21 A History's Shadow
12-27 February

22 Holding On Looking Down
5-20 March

23 When the dead help the living
16-1 May

24 Because my Grandmother Died
14 May-
5 June

25 The Speed of the Word Sound
18 June-
3 July

26 Synoptic 11
8-24 July

27 The Mind of Itself
15 August-
4 September

28 Forms of Deception
10-25 September


29 Dissaray
30 September-
2 October

30 Gratuitous
2-18 December