Light Projects

Light Projects was an experimental artistic and curatorial project coordinated by artists Leslie Eastman, Tamsin Green, Stephen Palmer, Brad Haylock and Imogen Beynon. Light Projects ran from 2009 until late 2011 . In addition a host of student volunteers, many now established artists, curators and artworksers, contributed their time and energy.

Light Projects maintained a thematic emphasis on the experience of mind and perception, psychoanalysis, visuality and design. These areas formed a shared  interest for the curators: the underlying contention of this project being that art concerns immediate phenomenological experience rather than finished saleable objects. For this reason much of the work exhibited involved installation, video and performance.  Light Projects was dedicated to showing local and international early career and established artists.

Light Projects was unique in its location and context. A shop front atop Ruckers Hill in High Street Northcote, the gallery was housed at the highest point in inner city Melbourne with large window frontage enabling constant viewing of the artwork. The building was shared with Lacanian psychoanalyst Dr. Patrick Johnson and other members of the Melbourne Freudian Society, who  provided generous in kind support towards the enterprise in its first six months.

This context provided a unique opportunity for exhibitiors to respond to both the curatorial premise and a range of audiences; bringing complex and rigorous contemporary art into the public realm. Despite Light Projects determined curatorial program, invited artists approached the themes and issues in diverse ways.  Artists and curators worked together within the immediate gaze of the public who were able to view projects from inception through to completion via the large window at the front of the gallery space. Light Projects had a writing project incorporated into the exhibition programme.  

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29 Dissaray
30 September-
2 October

(dis-)array is a series of transdisciplinary workshops that focus on making practices public through the form of the artist's book. This exhibition presents the outcomes of two workshops, held at the Academy of Visual Arts (HGB), Leipzig, and Monash University, Melbourne, in November 2010 and September 2011 respectively.

Featuring works by (from Leipzig):

Susann Arnold, Moritz Arnold, Sandra Barth, Johanna

Benz, Caroline Bottcher, Paul Bowler, Lena Brüggemann, Patric Dreier, Camille Dumond, Samuel Duvoisin, Nike Eisenhart, Jana Engel, Nora Frohmann, Lorraine Garchery, Constanze Hein, Lilla Hinrichs, Timo Hinze, Melissa Hotger, Erik Johannsen, Maren Karlson, Sophia Kesting, Dominik Krauß, Nora Krings, Ina Kwon, Gaelle Lalonde, Alexander Morgenstern, Pierre Pané-Farré, Ondine Pannet, Peggy Pehl, Hans Jorg Pochmann, Marian Reinig, David Roeder, Teresa Rudolf, Lydia Sachse, Anna Sartorius, Katharina Schildgen, Katharina Siegel, Katharina Tribe, Sarah Wiest, Annahita Anna Zielonka

And (from Melbourne):

acab collective, Karryn Argus, Nathan Barnett, Helen Borowski, Tiziana Borghese, Jen Broadhurst, Laura Carthew, Jonathon Colliver, Hayden Daniel, Saskia Doherty, Melisa Duque, Laura Fisher, Jason Hatcher, Emma Hamilton, Nick Hertzog, Victoria Holessis, Jes Hoskin, Therese Keogh, Isabella Kottek, Vicki McConville, James Oates, Lesley O'Gorman, Caitlin O'Neill, Catherine Pieper, Jessica Pitcher, Nina Read, Mikaela Revell, Celsy Sabilla, Adrianna Saloumidis, Emily Schilg, Hayden Stuart, Dana Swieca, James Taylor, Natasha Theoharous

(dis-)array is a project of the Artist's Book Research Group, Monash University. This exhibition is presented as a part of The Month of Print, in conjunction with IMPACT: Intersections & Counterpoints, International Multi-disciplinary Printmaking Conference

(dis-)array Leipzig team: Julia Blume, Brad Haylock, Katrin von Maltzahn & guests

(dis-)array Melbourne: Brad Haylock & guests